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Hotel Sesc Cacupé, the place that will host the event, has an incredible hotel structure and ample leisure spaces. In the capital of Santa Catarina, the Hotel Sesc Cacupé also offers you a privileged location by the sea, to discover the Magic Island. With easy access to tourist attractions, you can visit famous beaches, such as Mole and Joaquina, and also go to the historic center of the island, where the Hercílio Luz Bridge and the Public Market are located, which gives you the chance to get to know the culture of the island region by tasting.


Check out some images of the hotel in the video below!


Below you will find the prices for accommodation at the hotel of the event. The prices are presented according to the type of room and type of service. In this case, the type of service should be understood as follows:

  • Simple - includes only one meal (breakfast)

  • Half - includes two meals (breakfast and dinner)

  • Full - includes full meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Programação PT.png

Also, pay attention to the type of service: ​


Workers in the trade of goods, services and tourism - professionals associated with SESC and also any event participant who is not linked to SESC.

Tourism Attractions

Next to Sesc Cacupé we have some gastronomic options both a few kilometers from the Hotel and in its surroundings and which are listed below:




  • João de Barro Restaurant (Cacupé) - 600m

  • Zé do Cacupé Restaurant (Cacupé) - 300m

  • Leone's Pizzeria (Cacupé) - 600m

  • Pizzeria Verona (Cacupé) - 1.3km

Saint Anthony of Lisbon

  • Parish Oyster Bar and Restaurant - 7km

  • Marisqueira Restaurant Sintra - 6km

  • Restaurant Chão Batido - 6km

  • Q'Bar and Restaurant - 6km

  • Kaz Gastronomy - 6km


In addition to the closest options, 18 kilometers from the Hotel Sesc Cacupé, there is the Coqueiros Gastronomic Route, with excellent restaurants and bars.



The closest shopping options to Hotel Sesc Cacupé are Floripa Shopping, which is closer, Villa Romana and Beiramar Shopping, which of the three options is the farthest from the venue.


Tourist points are also a good option for visits to be made during the event's off hours. Some options are listed below:




  • Viewpoint of Morro da Cruz - 12km

  • Viewpoint of Morro da Lagoa - 14km

  • Hercílio Luz Bridge Lookout - 14km




  • Jurerê Internacional Beach - 15km

  • Praia do Forte - 17km

  • Santo Antônio de Lisboa Beach - 7km


Options in Santo Antonio de Lisboa


  • Nossa Senhora das Necessidades Church - 5km

  • Casa Açoriana Arts and Tramoias Ilhoas - 7km

  • Casarão Engenho dos Andrades - 4km

  • Praça Roldão Rocha Pires - 6km


In addition to the options listed above, the main tourist spot in Florianópolis is open again, being an excellent and charming experience, the Hercílio Luz Bridge is a great option to visit.

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