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Submission Guidelines

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Proceedings of the
Rules for Submission

Submitted materials must be correlated with the positive development of young people, within the following thematic guidelines of the event:

  • Pedagogical models that enable the inclusion of children, young people and adults through sport;

  • The promotion of mental health and intervention strategies through sport;

  • The importance of sports policies in the development of life skills through sport;

  • The role of parents, sport administrators and other sports agents in the development of young people, including the development of life skills through sport;

  • The training of coaches in the development of young people, including the development of life skills through sport;

  • The promotion of social justice and intervention strategies through sport;

  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sports system.


Papers must be in the format of an ABSTRACT (see formatting rules and template) and can be written in Portuguese or English.


Each work presented at the congress will receive only one certificate, regardless of the number of authors of the work registered in the event.


Up to two scientific works will be accepted by each responsible author (1st author), with no limitations for co-authorships. The first author must be registered for the event.


The works will be evaluated by at least two members of the Scientific Commission of the event.


The approved works will be published in the annals of the event, and the copyright transferred to the organization of the event.

The studies presented must take into account the ethical aspects linked to scientific experiments with human beings. It should be indicated in the text that the consent of the studied subjects (sample) was obtained and the ethical (human) procedures were respected and are in accordance with current legislation.

Papers must be submitted exclusively via email (, as per the TEMPLATE. When sending the abstract, the author must name the subject of the e-mail as follows: "ABSTRACT SUBMISSION - Name of the first author".


Last submission date: April 30, 2023.  


It is recommended that the author(s) keep an original copy of the work they submitted.


Rules for Formatting Abstracts

The abstracts, submitted to the event, must have a maximum of 3000 characters, A4 (210 x 297 mm), in portrait mode, typed in Word for Windows version 7.0 or higher.


Arial 12 font should be used, with 1.5 line spacing. Top and bottom, left and right margins of 2 cm. ​


The text must have “justified” alignment, except for the items: Title, Authors and Keywords. The complete work must contain the following items: ​

Research: Title, Authors, Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion and Keywords.

Conceptual/Insights: Title, Authors, Introduction, Results, Conclusion and Keywords.


Both types of papers can be submitted.

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